Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Walmart and Dollar Tree haul

Nicole for O.P.I  polishs in lets get star-ted(which is glitter with purple stars), ?(little sticker fell off but its glitter with red hearts) and love your life(whick is glitter with pink hearts)
Hard Candy baked blushes in bombshell and honeymoon
L'oreal H.I.P Jelly Balms in (top)savory and (bottom) plush

Next these are my L.A. Colors Nails art deco nail are laquers all were $1.00 each from Dollar Tree, starting from top left colors are : magenta, silver glitter, intense pink, silver, baby pink, bright green, white, black, red glitter, gold glitter, and blue glitter. Aww I just realized i forgot the yellow one =( i thought i picked up every color they had. Oh well i guess Ill get it next time.


Gabi said...

I just bought glitter heart nail polish too! I got two for $2! Cheap nail polish makes me smile :D


corazones rojos said...

I only buy cheap nail polish. My preferred brand is Santee and it's sold in most 99 cents stores in and around Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...
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