Monday, February 8, 2010

Loving studded shoes!

These are some of my favorite studded shoes in my closet that ive been wearing lately for some of my posts, from l to r clockwise : studded booties from Wet Seal, studded bow flats from Max Rave, studded pointy toe flats Dollhouse from Marshalls, and studded bootie from  Alloy

I love love love studded shoes! If you are into studs like I am, Forever21 has a lot of studded shoes to choose from, from pyramid studs to dome studs( a couple of these I have posted before)... here are a few of my favorites:

Pewter Pyramid Stud Boot $27.80

Studded Pumps $29.80

Studded Booties $36.80

Studded Velvet Pump $25.80

Studded Rocker Platform $29.80


Gabi said...

OH LORD! I love all these shoes!! I also love your blog LOL :)


Amandita said...

very nice shoess,,,

Amandita said...
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Amandita said...

hey there congrats on the award and thanks for nominating me =)
here is the link of the post about the award =)

Jesa said...

Those studded booties are fab!!!

Lovely blog :)
Cheers, Jesa

Shopaholicanonymous1 said...

i love your shoes i want those studded bootys...=0) cute style..=0)

Meighan said...

LOVE those studded booties!!

alexbackwards said...

i LOVE STUDED HEELS TOO!!! you can also purchase studs online and apply them on a pair of shoes to give it some attitude! they are super easy to apply. just a suggestions