Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Blog Award!

Aww the beautiful Nikstar awarded me with a best blog award! Im very honored! I am a new blogger and this blog was black for a long time before I actually deceided what I was going to blog about lol. Ive really been seriously blogging for about a month and I already have 50 followers yay! I have deceided that when I get to 100 followers I will have a giveaway! OMG who doesnt love a giveaway? I know I do =) so stay tuned...

Ok now the rules are if you are nominated you are to pass this award to 6 other wonderful blogs that I have recently discovered. I discover great blogs everyday so this is too hard. But I had to narrow it down to only 6 so here they are:


NikStar said...

Your welcome girlie! You deserve it!! Now I'm gonna go check out these blogs that you've listed! Congrats Everyone!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

awwww thank you so much gurl!

Diana V. said...

awww thanks love :) i didnt think my blog was all that good lol i really appreciate it !

Dhalia said...

Awww Thanks Tiff.

Blogging is much fun glad you're enjoying it.


Alyson Blaire said...

there is yet another award waiting for you on my blog :)


T-Charry said...

awwwww thank you girl!!!!!
you know I LOVE what you wear, TOO cute! Where the CRAP do you get all your cute skirts?! MUST TELL! lol

Gabi said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's my first! I'll be sure to pass it along :D Thanks again! Love your blog!