Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flyy & Fashionable

Well I made this blog a few months ago but I havent posted. I really didnt know where to start since I am new to blogging. Ive always wanted to start a blog so here it is. This blog will consist of my purchuses, finds, and wants as far as fashion and cosmetics is concerned. Also music, gossip and just anything random.

Random facts about Flyyshionista (just a few for now)

  • I live just outside of Atlanta, GA
  • I am origionally from Norfolk, Virginia
  • I have two yorkshire terriers Wynter Arielle & Prynce Gizmo
  • I am obsessed with fashion
  • I love the colors pink and purple
  • I go crazy for crabcakes from Red Lobster
  • I am a reformed Jay-Z addict

this is Me!!
grey skirt with studded belt from H &M
Black studded open toe booties from